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Our training programs give new career opportunity to freshers as well as experienced professional. We, at CyberInSource provide training on Web development, Android development, Software development and training on live projects. Training is given by professionals with 8+ years industry experience. Our training programs include complete package from core to advanced level with live projects. all training programs are given below.

Training programs

Core PHP and Advanced PHP training programs

We provide PHP development training on live projects by professionals with 8+ years of experience. Trainee will learn basic of database i.e MySQL which will help in understanding database connectivity using php concepts .At CyberInSource a trainee would be learning each concept with a live project using php and mysql under the guidance of an experienced developer.

Today android development is new career opportunity in the industry. and we provide android development training as industry standers. Trainee will learn android development with live projects which will help in understanding core concept and use of them. In android training, trainee will learn basic concept, user interface and advance topics.

Web technology training includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript which will help you to become a web designer. Web technology training will be on live web design project so that trainee can grasp every topic easily and use them in ongoing projects. Apart from HTML, CSS and JavaScript trainee will learn many other technologies which are used to develop web.

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We have openings for candidates who are passionate about development using technologies PHP and Android. There are openings for Telecaller for our office in Lucknow Interested canditates can drop their CV here.

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Course Contents

Core PHP

# Module
1 Php Introduction
2 Php Environment Setup
3 Php Data Types
4 Php String
5 Php Operators
6 Php If..Else.. Statement
7 Php Switch Statement
8 Php Loops
9 Php Array
10 Php Function
11 Php and Sql
12 Sql Introduction
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Advance PHP

# Module
1 Php Introduction
2 Php Environment Setup
3 Php Array
4 Php Include
5 Php File Handling
6 Php File upload
7 Php Session
8 Php Cookies
9 Php Filters
10 Php Validation
11 Php Error Handling
12 Php Exception
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Basic Android

# Module
1 Introduction
2 Architecture
3 Resources
4 Activities
5 Services
6 Fragment
7 Content Provider
8 UI Layouts
9 UI contents
10 Styles and Themes
11 Event Handling
12 Custom Components
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Advance Android

# Module
1 Introduction
2 Architecture
3 Sending Email
4 Alert Dialog
5 Camera
6 Phone Calls
7 Sending SMS
8 WebView
9 SQLite Database
10 Shared Preferences
11 Publishing Android App
12 Android Widgets
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# Module
1 HTML Introduction
2 HTML Editors
3 HTML Elements
4 HTML Attributes
5 HTML Colors
6 HTML Style
7 HTML Formating
8 HTML Image
9 HTML List
10 HTML Tables
11 CSS Introduction
12 CSS Style
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Core Java

# Module
1 Introduction
2 Architecture
3 Environment Setup
4 Java Syntax
5 Java Data Types
6 Fragment
7 Java String
8 Java Array
9 Java Loops
10 Java Functions
11 Java Control Statements
12 Java Oops Concept
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